We are professionals who are at your disposal to advise and help resolve any concerns or problems that may arise in a project or power supply system. From small powers and no matter the amount.

In the design of equipment we apply our expertise and technical progress with the aim of presenting a solution that is technically and economically viable. Any product of our standard series can change the electrical, mechanical or environmental in order to fit your needs.

The flexibility of our structure allows us to collaborate with companies and institutions in various sectors. The devices conform to the guidelines of the EC. We also cooperate in meeting those standards and requirements in the scope of the product include the approval.

We offer support services and technical assistance appropriate to provide maintenance to our products

Some examples


Open Frame

These power supplies for incorporation into devices and have a wide range of applications in all sectors. They often have multiple outputs, usually a primary gives energy essential and others to control circuits. There are projects also require the addition of battery chargers, usually in emergency telecommunications systems or closed circuit TV to security.


Desktop or encapsulated

Power supplies of outputs fixed or variable voltage applied to a variety of services from a common feed or industrial appliances or technical assistance or training schools or amenities

We can add programming consign or other types of sensors and controls.


Racks and desks

We use racks or standard cabinets in power supplies to accommodate all its elements. Rectifiers groups train or in verification systems, autoloaders, storage batteries, ininterrunpida power system (UPS) in regulating and control center and energy distributors.


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Security SMD


Education and Industry